The Library is the academic archive for the Polytechnic. It currently has about 2,500 volumes of books and has a sitting capacity for 30 readers per sitting session.
We re affiliated to the Eti-Osa LCDA Library due to our proximity to the Local Council. This will serve our students as well.
The library is divided presently, into three major departments under the command and leadership of the Ag. Polytechnic Librarian. The Polytechnic Librarian is one of the Principal Officers of the institution. He/she is also a member of the Polytechnic Academic Board (ACB).

The Technical Service Department is responsible for the acquisition, processing and repairs of all library books as well as contribution to the National Union Catalogues of Nigeria.

Readers Service Department is the Public Relations Unit of the library patrons i.e. student and staff, in the polytechnics community. It also takes care of all charging and discharging of library books and shelving and pre- shelving, reading of books.
E-Library/Resource Centre is in charge of computerizing of all library operations. This Department is responsible for managing all computers on local Area Network in the library. It assists library users in retrieving information faster, easier and access e-library facilities worldwide. The centre also caters for research activities. The department uses the e- Library Automation Software to carry out its functions.

Every member of the Polytechnic is eligible to register as a member of the library and may use the library for study, borrowing, reference and related purposes.
Students must be in possession of their library identity cards, which they must produce for inspection by the staff when required to do so.
Students should always show their library identity cards to the Library Assistant at the entrance, any time they want to have access to the Library.


Silence must be observed in the library at all times. Group discussions and dragging of chair noisily are prohibited. Always remember that the library should be used as a quiet reading place.
Books are not to be taken out of the library without due process of Lending
Bags, cases, umbrellas, etc should not be brought into the library. They must be kept in the pigeon holes provided for in the cloakroom. Such items are kept at owners’ risk.
All borrowing and renewals must be done in person and not by proxy.
No reservation of seat for more than 30 minutes.

Any student caught mutilating, defacing, stealing library books/materials i.e. tearing out pages of library books/materials shall be expelled from the polytechnic without culpability from the library until the determination of the case

Operating Hours
i) 8.00a.m. 7.00p.m. Monday-Friday (during session)
ii) 9.00a.m. 7.00p.m. Saturday
iii) 9.00a.m. 3.30p.m. (Monday-Friday (during vacation)
iv) The library closes for official public holidays

Registration procedure for students

No student may be allowed to use the library unless he/she registers with the library
Each student must complete and sign the library registration form
During library registration, the students must produce his/her letter of admission, three passport photographs, and evidence of payment of fees from the Bursary
Registration is valid for one academic year only but may be renewed at the beginning of each academic year.
A student may borrow a maximum of two books at a time.
Change of address must be brought to the notice of the library immediately.

Procedures for Borrowing Books are:

The reader presents his/her library identity card at the circulation desk for verification.
He/She completes information on the borrower’s book card and borrowed slips for each of the books required.
He/She must then hand over the card, slips and the books to the library staff at the circulation desk that will crosscheck and charge out the books(s)A
Book will be issued for 14 days to a student in the first instance and may be renewed for the same period.
A Book borrow must be returned promptly on the date due.
A fine of N50.00 is chargeable for a day when a book is overdue. Fine must be paid promptly by the reader as and when due.
A book not required by another reader may be renewed for further period by application to the Readers’ Service Liberian
Book on loan to a reader, which is required by another reader, may be recalled after the initial period of overdue.
The reader must pay for lost or damaged books. Administrative cost are usually added to the cost of the lost or damaged book(s) at the discretion of the officer in charge
On leaving the Polytechnic, any reader not indebted to the library shall be cleared, while the reader surrenders the Library Card before final departure from the Polytechnic.